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The thesaurus of locations is based on the ‘Digitale Diathek’’s thesaurus of places and allows research, hierarchical searching and input/linking of locations for individual works (museums, collections, church buildings, etc.). The links to the hierarchic and geographic structures of the ‘Digitale Diathek’s thesaurus of places make it possible, for example, to search for objects in the museums of an entire region. The hierarchical structure even allows searches for works in a specific collection within an individual museum.

The ‘Digitale Diathek’’s thesaurus of locations has been available online since 25 November 2011. It currently includes data on approximately 1800 museums, collections and church buildings all over the world (as of November 2011) and is constantly updated and editorially supervised in the framework of the ‘Digitale Diathek’’s editorial programme.